VÁRVARA / 2019

VÁRVARA proposes a feminist approach to the Christian archetype of Mary Magdalene. Using as a starting point such apparently diverse subjects as Valencian ‘bacalao’ culture and the mystic concept of ecstasy, Bárbara Sánchez embodies the figure of the Great Lover. As in any mystic experience, the object here is union, the definitive dissolution of distance. There is no room left for irony or sarcasm, and definitely not for self-reference. Mary Magdalene is the exemplary madwoman, ready to empty herself to embody the Beloved, capable of destroying all patriarchal institutions to assert her Infinite Love. She speaks directly with her Owner, freely chosen. There are no distances nor intermediaries. Faced with the model imposed by capitalism of a privileged white woman who can afford to direct her efforts at self-observation, She carries out a radical eviction, a conscious and wished-for descent to the wreckage of the world, to the place from which her Christ reigns.


Directed, choreographed and performed by Bárbara Sánchez

Dramaturgy: Jaime Conde-Salazar and Bárbara Sánchez

Direction assistant: Alberto Cortés

Lighting design: Benito Jiménez

Music: Sonido Valencia

Loops, edits and megamix: Ylia

Costumes: HORUS BODY JEWELLERY, Hugo Pérez and Bárbara Sánchez.

Text: Bárbara Sánchez and variations on originals by Saint John of the Cross, Rafael de León, Angélica Liddell, Ingmar Bergman, Marguerite Yourcernar, Javier Melloni, Yesenia Then, and Emilio (well-known Valencian hardcore musician).

“VÁRVARA” is a production by Bárbara Sánchez.

With the collaboration of: GRANER, Centro Danza Canal, ICAS, Tenerife-Lav, “Santa Várvara. 970 € de libertad y artillería”.


Festival Sálmon(trabajo en proceso). Barcelona

IV CROQUIS(trabajo en proceso). Sala Beckett. Barcelona