Somewhat paler is a project that explores pity as an affect that can be address through live bodily action.

It resembles a via crucis whose stations have started to blur its limits. It has become impossible to stop at any of the sides of our way. It is not about arriving or reaching: the only possibility is going, heading, trespassing and abandoning each of the available bodies. The sound produced in the way is a chocking but free voice. Words arrive always from the other side, from other mouths that become her own voice. Words arrive to utter the crack. Broken in two. Broken in thousand. Sorrow is what appears as the space in between the pieces. The mission is falling, tasting each time the flavor of void without having the possibility of holding to anything, without possibility of finding support in the remains. The air without ground is the new home, the endless perfection of an always unexpected and unknown enlightment, the promised flight of a lonely bird “offering its beak to the wind” (San Juan de la Cruz).



Choreography and performance: Bárbara Sánchez

Dramaturgy:  Jaime Conde Salazar

Soundscape: Susana Hernández

Light design: Benito Jiménez

“Somewhat paler” is a production by Bárbara Sánchez.

With the support of: Leal Lav, Sala Hiroshima, Professional Dance Conservatory of Sevilla “Antonio Ruíz Soler”


Bárbara Sánchez / Somewhat paler ©Tristan Perez-Martin
Bárbara Sánchez / Somewhat paler ©Tristan Perez-Martin