The LAB is focused on the perception of the body shown in different states (immobile, in a permanent movement, in speaking, in social / private moments). Starting from the idea of “Ignition” Hurtado studied the approach to the physical consequences or before the occurrence of a particular physical or emotional situation that is directly connected with frustration, brutality, explosion, euphoria, anger or claim. The focus is on the analysis of desolation or the collateral damage inherent in the body just after one of the events mentioned. A glowing body leads us to the next action / emotion.

Direction: Abraham Hurtado

Created and performed by Álvaro Frutos, Juanfra Juárez, María M. Cabeza de Vaca, Roberto Martínez, Pablo Peña, José Manuel Poga, Bárbara Sánchez y Lucía Vázquez.