Chase this frenzy away from us / 2011

Ahuyéntanos este furor (Chase this frenzy away from us) is a performance lab about “the feminine”. An exploration of some of the favorite myths associated to women like hysteria, wickedness or complaisance. An act of empowerment and autonomy.
Ahuyéntanos este furor combines dance, voice and text. The work is based in three ascendant states, from minor to major amount of conscience and empowerment:
-Whispers and wool, at home, sheep-like. Exploring the private space, showing languid, passive, fevered-medicated women that become stronger while they get together, connect and help each other.
-Trance-hysteria, at the forest. Placed in a middle space, it is the collective awareness through the cleansing and sublimation of desires, to get another approach and a different universe where they are subjects of themselves.
-Between a witches’ sabbath and Bonnie Tyler (musical clip), in scene. Placed in a public space, it is total empowerment, mixing the new and the old concepts to begin a new life.
As a whole, it is the creation of an out-of-the-ordinary universe, in movement and sound,  easing up the break of psychological barriers and exploring more extreme, wild and absurd aspects.
It develops creative skills of improvisation, sense of group, accompaniment, high level of coordination and the ability to work at the same time with voice, text and body movement.
Concept and direction: Bárbara Sánchez.
Performers: María Cabeza de Vaca, Raquel Luque, Lucía Vázquez, Eloisa Cantón, Alicia Murillo.
Vocal coordination: Alicia Murillo
Dramaturgy: Raquel Campuzano Godoy.