Chase the frenzy away from us [as soloist] / 2011

It comes out of my curiousity to experience the process of the performance-lab Chase the frenzy away from us without the group, just by myself.

After experiencing the strength and security of “the herd”, I decided to try out what would it be like if one of them went astray and left the group to become a solitary bitch, without the support of her sisters.
Would she be a lonely bitch?
Would she be a dead bitch?
Chase the frenzy away from us [as soloist] is the disassociation from the herd, keeping the same structure of the group-lab. Experiencing the difference, without the others, to see what happens.
A woman living alone
1 bitch 1
Whispers and wool
Trance and Dioniso
This performance takes place, as a journey, in three different spaces within the same building.

Created and performed by Bárbara Sánchez

Musical / vocal accompaniment: Alicia Murillo

Duration: 40min